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COVID-19 Cleaning Services & Resources

Protect your employees and customers by selecting our COVID-19 cleaning service for your office before returning to work, and on an ongoing basis to maintain a clean and sanitized work environment. 

Our expertise in disinfection application programs include proper training & equipment and is adaptable to all work and public environments.


HRCS has experience in providing disinfection services to all sorts of venues. These include doctor's offices, dental offices, restaurants, office buildings, schools and more. During an outbreak of a seasonal flu virus or other contagious diseases we are fully trained and prepared to provided disinfection services.


We are ready and able to assist customers that need disinfecting services whether is a large area or small.


HRCS' professional disinfecting services includes:


High traffic touch areas for disinfecting services include items such as:

  • Light switches

  • Handrails

  • Elevator buttons

  • Door handles and entryway doors

  • Restroom faucets and dispensers

  • Phones, keyboards and mouse devices

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