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How It Works

   1. Contact usGive our office a call, send us an email, or book now using the book now tab on our site.

We may need some additional details about yourself and your request before we get started, don't worry we'll contact you once we receive your request. 

   2. Let's get to know each other. Have we met before?

If not, we'll set up an in-home evaluation where we can walk through your home together to determine what your concerns and needs are. Once that's all finished, we'll pick a day that works for your time and schedule and send you a confirmation straight to your phone and inbox!

   3. Before your big day. Need a reminder?

We always send reminders a few days prior to your appointment straight to your email, just in case! Before our visit, you may also need to prepare your home.

☆ Helpful Tip! Take full advantage of our services and prepare your home for service by clearing any clutter such as toys, clothes, or debris in areas such as the floor, counters, and shower/tub area. This helps our team prioritize on cleaning and get to know your home. 

   4. We're OTW. "The team from HRCS Cleaning Services is en-route to your home. See you soon!"

Once our team is en-route, you'll receive an email confirming our team's dispatch over to your home. Our arrival window is to account for any unexpected traffic, weather, and additional time that may be spent with another client.

   5. The clean. We've got it covered.

Before we get started, our team will say hello, address any concerns and then get started working their way from the top floor to the bottom, bringing all of the dirt and debris out of the house. We come prepared with all of our own supplies, tools and methods... all we need is your home to clean! 

   6. Payment. Payment is requested at the time of the cleaning. We accept cash, checks or credit cards. If payment has not already been arranged, leave cash or a check on the kitchen counter.

Once we're done, we love to know how everything went. Feel free to leave us a review online or give us a call. If something is not quite right, please call us immediately! We'll come back and correct it or work with you to find the best solution. We take great pride in our work and want your home to reflect it, in every way!

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