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A Metro Detroit Cleaning Service You Can Trust

We offer a range of cleaning services for homes and businesses. We’ll leave your property fresh and sparkling. We employ green cleaning practices to ensure that every home and office is safe and sanitary.


Moving and Showing Cleaning

A move-in or move-out cleaning is a great way to ease the stress of packing and moving. This cleaning service takes place when the home is empty.

These are the standard tasks we tackle when we clean your home at a Move-in/Move-Out Cleaning:

  • Wash window ledges

  • Dust light fixtures, ceiling fans, and wall hangings

  • Spot clean walls and fingerprints

  • Dust baseboards

  • Vacuum upholstered furniture

  • Clean sliding doors tracks

  • Remove cobwebs

  • Empty wastebaskets and remove trash

  • Scour and sanitize bathrooms

  • Clean exterior of kitchen cabinetry and appliances

  • Clean kitchen table and counters; sanitize sink

  • Vacuum and mop floors

  • Clean mirrors and glass

  • Fans/Vent dusted

Post-Construction Cleaning

Got Dust? Schedule a Construction Clean-up Cleaning Service

Construction generates dust and dirt in every corner. To get rid of the grit, we provide industrial-strength cleaning services that includes the removal of contractor debris, such as nails, staples, and drywall pieces. When contractors leave a home in what the industry calls a broom clean state, HRCS applies white glove standards to make the home sparkle.

Event Space Cleaning

From product launch to pop-up shop and everything in between .
Whatever your event, you’ve got people to see and places to be.  A clean space is a must but the last thing on your mind. Managing trades and suppliers can be a hassle, but we make things easy! Contact us to discuss your specific event; we’ll come up with a custom cleaning program and accurate estimate. Our team will sweep, mop, polish and dust so that your event goes off without a hitch.

Commercial Cleaning

When cleaning your office, we mean business.
No matter what type of office or retail space you operate, employees and customers expect it to be clean. After all, appearance is the first impression of a workplace. We often hear how disappointed companies are with their cleaning agencies, and we are always striving to sweep away from this pack of “so so” providers. Together, we will customize a cleaning and maintenance plan, which will include a checklist of detailed tasks to be completed by one of our trustworthy and reliable team members. We are also always available to address any requests or concerns. Allow us to focus on the business of cleaning, so you can focus on your business at hand. We recommend contacting us directly to discuss your specific needs so that we can get you a quick and accurate estimate.

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